Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Deus Ex was definitely one of my favorite games. And it still is. I always loved those first-person action with RPG elements. Great weapons, great maps, character development and extensive dialogs made it rather awesome example of that rare genre.

Then Deus Ex 2: Invisible Bore War came out. Man, it sucked. All of the weapons were using the same ammo (which means you can't switch to another weapon if you're out of ammo), the maps were somewhat half-lifeish, although not that bad. And those stupid quests were all along the lines of "we give this important task to you, and if you betray us and do our worst enemy a favor, then we'll be all pissed off at you, but still give you the next quest nevertheless". OK, it preserved some of the original atmosphere and setting, but it still sucked.

Well then, when I heard Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution is out, I was terribly afraid. The only example I can remember when the 3rd game in a series was good is Thief 3: Deadly Shadows. But then, Thief 2: the Metal Age was good too. And history knows too many examples where the 3rd game was absolutely awful, Doom and Fallout just to name a few. So I went on to read some reviews before actually buying the damn thing. The reviews unsurprisingly good, but also surprisingly praising the game for the very features I liked in the original Deus Ex, such as great freedom of choice.

So I gave it a try. To make a long story short, it was an awesome game. It is true Deus Ex. There's even more freedom than in the first one, where you could have troubles relying on stealth and non-lethal weaponry. Here is absolutely possible to complete the game without killing anyone with a few exceptions, and not feeling awkward about it. It is also possible to complete the game without even being seen by anyone, well, again maybe with a few exceptions. And if you want, you can always shoot you way through and still feel good about it.
Boring details

Demise: Ascension

Never mind the title, it’s mutually exclusive paragraphs in action. The game was called Demise at first, and now it was resurrected under a different name of Ascension, which is probably kind of a pun.

Demise City

Oh, this game! To be honest, it really sucks. This is a type of game that has virtually zero storyline, a lot of repetitive action and awkward controls on top of that. There’s one thing about this game, though: it’s HUGE. If you’re into dungeon crawlers, it could mean a lot of time spent on exploring and building up characters. It’s just the game to kill a lot of time.

Yes, building up characters! It’s all this game is about, unless you count exploration. But exploration is quite slow, exactly thanks to character building. When you’ve explored some 10 dungeon levels, you want to go to the 11th level, but when you go there, you meet some bastards that wipe out your party before you can blink. Or just hurt you bad enough to make further explanation quite difficult. So you continue to travel around level 10 until you can navigate through it with your eyes closed.

One good thing about Demise (Ascension) is that there is a lot of ways to play it. There’s a lot of races and guilds to choose from, and even when the choice is made, the playing style could be different depending on other choices.