House of Horror solution walkthrough

I found House of Hell solution, but not for House of Horror. So I decided to make one.

There are two versions of House of Horror: the book and the on-line one. The book is available for download on the same site, and it only has some minor differences, like the ability to use luck in battles, and some completeness of each entry. Where the book says «if you meet some condition, do that», the on-line version just doesn’t display that choice. Which makes things more difficult, since until you find that item, you don’t know that if you had it, then you’d be able to do that thing.

As for starting stats, it’s nice to have high enough skill, and having decent luck also helps, although you actually need both only at the very start of the game. Once you have completed a few steps, the game is really easy, provided that you know what to do. Unlike House of Hell, you don’t really need high fear stat, unless you want to take some fun horror excursions during your adventure.

That being said, the solution is essentially the same, no matter which version you’re playing. I’ll first list some necessary conditions you must meet in order to complete the game. Then I’ll provide the detailed step-by-step solution.

So, the necessary things are:

Before you leave your bedroom, you must know what color is Orion’s belt.

Before you proceed down the hallway, you must have the iron key. Must be LUCKY, though.

Stringiamano is your best friend! Be sure to get acquainted with him. The key items in doing this are the rubber stamp and the silver chain.

Turn left in the hallway, but you may wish to explore one room to the right. It’s fun and harmless.

Also, you really should explore the right hallway further some other time. It’s 100% deadly, but so fun!

You must save Margaret and get the unmarked parchment afterwards. Remember the crone’s name!

Now, you must meet this crone.

Shekou is your friend in this house as well. And your best guide, too.

Other fun things to do: to go into dangerous rooms, to locate hidden passage in your bedroom, to get out of house and either to try to escape or re-enter it, to learn how to summon Hazrukiel.

That’s basically it! Now to the detailed solution.

1. You knock the door.

257. The butler and the Count come. Accept the invitation. You may also wish to try to escape now, which is harmless but of course useless.

118. It’s time for a drink! Choose anything except Chablis (white) Wine. This one is of course poisoned, but unlike House of Hell, it kills you right away. I’d take coffee instead, since you are obviously going to have a rather long night! Not that it gives you any advantage, though.

399 or whatever drink you chose.

100. Pravemi tells about himself and leaves.

134. You may wish to examine whatever you want. The books are completely useless, while the pictures lead to some fun afterwards, but only if you take the wrong path. Or just skip it all.

(Whichever examination you chose, if any.)

275. The Count returns.

21. A nightmare. The fun begins!

160. Now, a critical choice! You want to get dressed and get out of the room. Other choices are pretty uninteresting, some may lead to instant deaths.

326. Of course it’s locked! But you still want to break out.

191. STAMINA -2. Not nice, but you have to bear with it! Now, attack that intruder. Again, other choices are deadly and uninteresting except for «call out». This one can lead to exploring some hidden passage afterwards, which is fun and you will even have a chance to participate in some evil ritual as the head priest! You can even get out of this adventure alive and continue on, but you will still die later since you have missed some critical knowledge!

119. Wow, you are lucky even without using your luck! It’s only a beginning and you already have a WEAPON! Also, this «Orion wears a SILVER belt» thing is critical to win the game!

371. First FEAR points, great. Just 2 of them, though. Agree or not agree, it doesn’t really matter.

11. Now you leave the room. At this point you should be able to locate the hidden passage from which your visitor has come. That is, if you didn’t attack him right away. If so, take an excursion and have fun — you’re already dead anyway.

378. You may enter Specchio Accese room, but there’s only hard and useless fight which will give you a useless and dangerous item. Have fun if you wish, enter the unmarked room otherwise.

199. Dick under the bed. Standing your ground isn’t fun, nipping into the closet is, but deadly anyway.

17. Test your luck, and you must be lucky this one time!

111. Got IRON KEY (66)? Good. And restored luck! Even better. Not that you’ll need it again, though.

174. What a boring closet! You should have hidden in it earlier.

378. Now walk on.

171. Funny unmarked door. The only key that you can try on it is iron key-66, but it doesn’t fit anyway. The book just loves to gently caress around with you so much. Anyway, enter Stringiamano room and prepare for the weirdest fight ever!

246. Just some impressions.

27. The first encounter with our almighty ally! Costs us 1 FEAR point. Now we have three of them, and our ally somehow isn’t friendly. Teach him a lesson! This is where you need your skill, since this damned thing is pretty weak on STAMINA, but its hits tend to be very painful.

85. Note that you didn’t actually kill the thing, which is good, though you don’t know why yet. Examine the desk.

176. Got RUBBER STAMP. Used to trigger another encounter with Stringiamano later. Useless otherwise.

171. Go on.

116. Piano room. Ignore, or take an excursion which may or may not lead to some useless FEAR.

224. Again, enter Maledetto room only if you wish to have some FEARFUL fun. Otherwise, carry on.

207. Now this is useful room, though not at all critical. Enter.

244. Restore some STAMINA and get some free healing water for free. Isn’t it nice? Save it for the final battle.

150. Left or right? That is the question! You actually need to go left, but you may wish to explore just one room to the right and then return — it’s harmless and fun. If you go to the right further, you’re dead, but there’s so much fun in it! You may meet some football fan, which you may fight or may chat with. You will visit Pravemi’s version of deadly kitchen, which also has ghoul in it, must be some sort of evil tradition. You will engage yourself in eternal chess game, which in my opinion is the best way to doom yourself in this house. You will also get acquainted with Pravemi’s daughter, which is long-dead and you know it if you looked at the pictures at the very beginning. You will also have the opportunity to fight with some billiard balls only to get another useless and dangerous weapon. You may engage yourself in fight with statues, or become their prisoner for the rest of your life. In short, you really should explore this path someday. But as for now, let’s go left.

55. Lupouomo room is another funny useless room. Not too deadly, though. If you’re playing the on-line version, note that this room involves a random roll as you leave it, so you may end up either fighting poor Lupouomo, or encounter another random horrific creature, which you should attack right away to get the best result. The password, which Lupouomo gives you if you ask, is of course wrong. So enter the unmarked door.

23. Now this room you must visit. Note that you don’t have any lock-picks and in fact cannot have any. So why is there such a choice then? Try it and have fun! Note that you kind of die if you do that, though. Now get serious and open the door using that IRON KEY-66, which seemed so useless before.

132. The vase here is just another useless FEARFUL fun. So examine the painting.

227. Continue.

167. Wow, that looks dangerous! But in fact, even more dangerous is not to look at it, since if you don’t, you’re doomed. So just boldly stare at the damned thing!

312. Well, isn’t it the Matrix? Oh, what the hell.

77. Silently move closer. There are actually different ways of dealing with this situation, I’ll just follow the most efficient one.

202. Now, Margaret is surely familiar name! That is, if you ever been in Mammon room of House of Hell and managed to get the ring before being kicked out by the poltergeist.

148. Oh, we already know this ring from Mammon room isn’t exactly what you need against vampires. Poor girl. Attack the bad guy!

106. Hmm, let’s see.

265. Just 2 STAMINA points is certainly a really low cost for killing a vampire!

4. The crone, GRISELA? The name is important! Choose whatever blessing you want. Restore STAMINA, zero FEAR or restore LUCK. All of them are somewhat useless, unless you managed to build up unnecessary FEAR, lost a lot of STAMINA, or wasted your LUCK somewhere.

313 (I chose this for example). Restore STAMINA (we lost 2 points recently, so why not to restore it)?

305. Margaret didn’t warn us of armour for nothing! Stay away from it. Or have some fun, but note that the shield is cursed and it will come back at you later. So you better examine the chest. This is critical!

92. Got PARCHMENT. You will absolutely need it later. Now go for the painting.

12. Exit from the Matrix. How nice. Exit the room also.

206. Carry on.

172. Now DIAVOLERIA room is certainly the greatest source of FEAR and pain in this house! Ignore it or have fun at your own risk. Not that it’s not 100% deadly, but really painful anyway.

335. Another critical unmarked room. Enter it!

263. The library. Now if you missed the critical encounter with Stringiamano thing, you may have fun with the books. Local history contains antidote which you now in need of if you spent too much time looting DIAVOLERIA room. Witchcraft only tells you a story about Strega who you would meet if you chose to go right earlier. As for spirit summoning, it is really fun. If you just try to summon the spirit, it’s just another instant death. Otherwise, you may read the words from right to left and turn to 10 instead. If you are playing the on-line version, you have to correct the URL (look at its end) to go there, as far as I understood it. Summoning Hazrukiel later could be fun, but please remember that if you’re even given the chance to browse through these books, you’re doomed already, because for now it’s not the books but Stringiamano for us!

78. The damned thing is back!

212. Oh, thanks to professor Tolkien for writing so many big books!

276. Got SILVER CHAIN. Has the same role as RUBBER STAMP. We’ll need it later to encounter Stringiamano instead of some other fun evil creature.

186. To the 1st floor!

295. Now sit down if you wish to have another FEARFUL fun, or open the door otherwise.

376. Go down.

351. Follow, follow. We didn’t come this far for nothing!

216. Finally there.

69. The crone with rose colored scarf! Do you remember her?

233. Do we know her name? Of course!

71. So, the password is Malevia, huh? This one is the correct one, yes. But we need a little more than that.

142. So the parchment actually warns us about a trap? And a deadly trap it is.

311. Exit.

86. Hunchback! Isn’t that our friend from House of Hell?

386. Time for a little chat.

347. So, Shekou was banished to the House of Hell? Didn’t make much difference for him, though.

396. Oh, that letter! Brings back memories of House of Hell. Now, you want to get underneath the house, right? We have a perfect guide here!

329. Going down.

255. Now another fun death room awaits us at this left branch. Ignore it unless you want another horror excursion, and pretty dangerous one.

319. Now, what colour is Orion’s belt? We know it’s silver!

170. You can actually defeat all the evil in this house without this BRONZE PENTACLE, but the price for doing it will be your life. So it’s actually useful.

242. We know that the password is Malevia. Other choices are rather boring instant deaths.

19. «You are filled with wonder…» — now, we know this is a trap!

29. Wow, maximum possible SKILL plus 4? Isn’t bad at all! Also, restore everything else, thus making Margaret’s blessing rather irrelevant.

38. Go back now.

348. Now, what is this noise again?

392. Oh, we should have guessed. Our old friend is back. Now we don’t really want to loose him, do we? So trap it!

108. Remember this WOODEN BOX. While it would be nice to have the coffin from Maledetto room as wooden box, I can hardly imagine our hero walking around with a coffin. So this is the only wooden box we can have. You will understand later why it is such important to have a wooden box.

316. So, the end is near, huh?

128. What a nice company. Too bad we didn’t have a chance to get acquainted with this beautiful lady.

46. Now remembering House of Hell, you would want to attack the butler first? But this is House of Horror, so attack Pravemi unless you want to waste some STAMINA.

267. Fight! With SKILL of 16 it is really a piece of cake.

384. So, the butler is going to get some help. Time to do the same! Use our friend, imprisoned in the wooden box.

190. We managed to get the butler at the price of a small scratch. Isn’t it nice? Now, let’s finish him.

355. What a weakling. Now it’s time to drink real water! Oh, I mean, healing water. We’ll need some STAMINA very soon.

331. Was our hero that dumb, or is he just tired? It should be obvious that we have finally met the ultimate evil of this house!

73. A cat? Really? Didn’t know it was a type of hell monster.

287. Finally. I was starting to get bored.

96. It’s nice we don’t have the cursed shield with us. Now let’s finish this!

273. Wow, the Star was really helpful.

252. Now, get the hell out of this hell!

280. Whew. It’s going to be a beautiful day, but what a beautiful night we just had!

Автор: Alqualos

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