Why Doom 3 sucks

I have just finished watching Let's play Doom 3 and I really, really must say that I completely hate it now.

I have tried to play it before and got really disappointed after the fight with the first boss. The cut scene especially annoyed me. I mean, who the hell walks right into the middle of a very suspicious room and just stands there looking at something creeping at him? So I stopped playing there and thus didn’t see the rest. But now, when I’ve seen the complete game, I truly have the right to say that it just sucks. Why, you ask? Well, let me see… It’s named Doom 3, so it should be a Doom game. And since Doom games started with Doom (Ultimate) and Doom II, they pretty much define what Doom is:

* Doom is original. It is not like any other game. Doom 3 is not, since it is pretty much a random horror FPS shooter.
* Doom is beautiful. That means: beautiful monsters, beautiful textures, beautiful places. Remember how monsters looked in the original games? Remember hand-shaped map? The citadel? Tricks and traps? Circle O’Death? I can continue. Doom 3 has nothing of it. Ugly monsters look like they were taken from a random horror film. Maps look like a random sci-fi disaster game (think Half-Life). And so are textures with some hellish exceptions, however in the original series they were much, much more varied. In Doom 3 it’s mostly dirty metal. Where have that skull switches gone?
* Doom is about exploring carefully designed maps. Remember searching for a key in labyrinths? Remember running around the Citadel, looking for a way to get that drat blue key? Remember pushing switches to figure out what they do? There is nothing like that in Doom 3, only some random puzzles which are retarded anyway.

And what is left now? The graphics quality? It’s good, but games are not only about quality but also about the art. And besides, how are you supposed to enjoy the graphics quality when you can’t see anything around you because of the drat darkness? AI? Can’t say it’s especially good. Physics? Come on, it’s XXI century, nobody is going to be impressed by that. And that’s all about the engine (which is good), not about the game (which is not). The game uses some tricks to seem original but they become rather boring very quickly. I mean those spawning monsters and monster closets.

The only thing about Doom 3 I really liked are the weapons. But they are pretty much the same as in the original Doom games. Plus a typical SMG and that weird Soul Cube that makes boss fights rather boring.

Overall, Doom 3 is just another Half-Life, just with the lights turned off. They should have named it Half-Doom or Doom 0.5, that would be more appropriate. I shall never buy it. I would rather buy Half-Life 2, at least it is somewhat fun and beautiful!

Вечный закат


— Сколько тут длится закат? — спросил я демона.
— Столько, сколько нужно.
— Не понял?
— Было предсказано: «Новый владелец придет на закате», вот он и длится.

Виктор Чирков, «Замок на стыке миров».

The complete solution of the House of Hell

This solution looks very nice, but it somehow conflicts with the book I have. It’s not that you cannot complete the book with that solution, but it will lead you to take 2 unnecessary FEAR points and 2 more FEAR points that are not mentioned in that solution for some reason. Maybe they weren’t in the book version the author played, maybe it’s just a little mistake. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to have a choice, so here is my version of the solution. Important hints first, descriptions of the rooms later, the detailed solution last.

It’s incomplete yet, though. Only general hints and incomplete room descriptions now. I’ll be working on it.

As the other guy said, avoid the sacrificial chamber and the kitchen should be avoided at all costs. You may have some fun there, like escaping a bunch of angry cultists just to get into a deathtrap, or getting killed by some harmless keys just lying there waiting for you to pick them up. Try it, but don’t overdo it — there’s nothing to be gained there. The torture room can indeed be escaped, and it’s not only useless, but in fact, if you follow the torturer you will end up on the ground floor, skipping the important cellar stairs location. If you ever find yourself tied up, you have indeed failed because you have missed the important encounter with Shekou. I should also add that the Shaitan room is a loving deathtrap too, because even if you escape, you will proceed immediately to the cellar or to the ground floor but without necessary information. And besides, you get into the wrong part of the cellar this way. Forget about the man in grey — you can meet two men in grey actually (or one man two times?) — the first time, he gives you some useless information and a FEAR point plus a little fight, the second time it’s just useless information. Forget about the nurse, too, you can meet her in two places — one place meaning certain death for you, in another one she is just hysteric. Oh, and never drink white wine or eat cheese. Avoid clear liquids in general, too.

The general sequence is: meet Shekou in the Erasmus bedroom, find the hint «Mordana in Abaddon», find Mordana (in the Abaddon room, obviously) and get secret location from her, grab some brandy, fall into a trap to meet Shekou the second time, offer him brandy to get the correct password, go to the bats chamber in the cellar, get under the stairs, use your password, grab the Kris knife, get out of the cellar, get into the Mirror room, grab the box, dive through the mirror, get cast-iron key, get to the dining room, and fight the butler. That’s it. You’ll need FEAR score of at least 9, because you are going to take 8 unavoidable and nondeductible FEAR points. You don’t need LUCK at all, while having high SKILL and/or STAMINA is always nice though not strictly necessary.
Room descriptions

Тайна рыжего кота

Эта книга меня всегда потрясала:

…Тогда рассказываю меню легкого английского ужина: тарталетки с пармезончиком, лобстеры в собственном соку, паштет из осиной печенки, хряпчики де воляй, перченые дульки, голодец из свежих потрошков, анчоусы «под шубой», соленые крэкеры с квакерами (некоторые предпочитают соленые квакеры с крэкерами), блюшечки в мундире, бриоши, круассоны с фестончиками, вкусника в сахаре и ароматная шипучка под названием «Хоть стой, хоть падай».

Вот уж действительно: хоть стой, хоть падай.

Да и сам Эдвард Лир тоже хорош:

There was a Young Lady whose eyes,
Were unique as to colour and size;
When she opened them wide,
People all turned aside,
And started away in surprise.

Кто сказал, что в XIX веке не было манги?

А вот этот товарищ не иначе как вдохновлял Нанами:

There was an Old Person of Tring,
Who embellished his nose with a ring;
Ha gazed at the moon
Every evening in June,
That ecstatic Old Person in Tring.

House of Horror solution walkthrough

I found House of Hell solution, but not for House of Horror. So I decided to make one.

There are two versions of House of Horror: the book and the on-line one. The book is available for download on the same site, and it only has some minor differences, like the ability to use luck in battles, and some completeness of each entry. Where the book says «if you meet some condition, do that», the on-line version just doesn’t display that choice. Which makes things more difficult, since until you find that item, you don’t know that if you had it, then you’d be able to do that thing.

As for starting stats, it’s nice to have high enough skill, and having decent luck also helps, although you actually need both only at the very start of the game. Once you have completed a few steps, the game is really easy, provided that you know what to do. Unlike House of Hell, you don’t really need high fear stat, unless you want to take some fun horror excursions during your adventure.

That being said, the solution is essentially the same, no matter which version you’re playing. I’ll first list some necessary conditions you must meet in order to complete the game. Then I’ll provide the detailed step-by-step solution.

So, the necessary things are:

Before you leave your bedroom, you must know what color is Orion’s belt.

Before you proceed down the hallway, you must have the iron key. Must be LUCKY, though.

Stringiamano is your best friend! Be sure to get acquainted with him. The key items in doing this are the rubber stamp and the silver chain.

Turn left in the hallway, but you may wish to explore one room to the right. It’s fun and harmless.

Also, you really should explore the right hallway further some other time. It’s 100% deadly, but so fun!

You must save Margaret and get the unmarked parchment afterwards. Remember the crone’s name!

Now, you must meet this crone.

Shekou is your friend in this house as well. And your best guide, too.

Other fun things to do: to go into dangerous rooms, to locate hidden passage in your bedroom, to get out of house and either to try to escape or re-enter it, to learn how to summon Hazrukiel.

That’s basically it! Now to the detailed solution.
Detailed solution

House of Horror

This one looks good, too. Especially this:


When you pull out the lock picks, a ghost suddenly appears in front of you. «There is one thing that we absolutely cannot stand,» it informs you, «and that is a cheater.» With that, it whisks you back to wherever you found the lock picks, which certainly isn’t anywhere in this adventure.


Too bad it has no pictures!